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Wallet material leather is good. Choose a wallet, the main thing is to choose the right identity, and can reflect their own personality of the best wallet.

Wallet selection method: recognize the leather mark label. Review the goods have no trademark, factory name and address, certificate of conformity. Imported leather products should have a Chinese logo.

The metal part of the wallet such as pull ring, buckle, key hook, etc., must look at its gold plating is intact, generally speaking, copper products are less likely to rust, fade. The seams of the wallet should pay attention to whether it is tight, but note that when too tight, will also pull all the leather surface too tight, and cause the wallet to crack. Note whether there are too many seams on the leather surface, the seam if too much, the performance should be made of multiple different leather blocks, so a good wallet should avoid having too many seam surfaces.

Choosing the right size wallet for the purpose
Wallets come in a variety of sizes, so choose the right size wallet for the purpose. Finally, it should be reminded that when buying a wallet, you must pay attention to the material of the wallet, compared to handbags, the number of times the wallet is opened and closed will be much more, so the wallet is more easily damaged than the handbag, if you choose poor quality material, then your wallet after a period of time, there may be a leather fracture, so rather spend a little more silver, but also to purchase a good leather wallet .

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