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The wallet should pay attention to regular maintenance, planning to adhere to clean once in every week’s time, with a clean towel dipped in water will wring out the water, not hard, repeated several times for light wipe, often for maintenance is unlikely to cause more serious pollution.

A clean soft cloth with a little toothpaste or cleanser on the surface of the wallet to clean the place smear open, then you can dip a little bit of water, in a gentle wipe clean, and finally with another clean soft cloth in the surface disposal, but also in a small amount on a little leather brightener, if not also on a little bit of the usual hand cream, but not too much.

If it is partially dirty, you can use an eraser to wipe off, if the dirty area is larger, use warm water with detergent (is the household detergent) can easily wash clean, if you wash with washing powder will make the leather bag hard!

Wash the towel or sponge with water (or slightly warm water if the leather is very dirty), wring it dry with your hands and rub the leather gently to wipe off the dust and dirt. Rinse the towel, wipe the leather, remove the dust and dirt, continue washing the towel and repeat the above steps until the cleaning part is completed.

Allow the leather to dry naturally, avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight. Rinse the towel with water (or any soft, colorfast rag), wring it out by hand and fold it up, hold the folded towel, spray with leather protectant until slightly damp, wipe the leather, rub gently, do not rub hard, wipe each part in order, repeat the spray to keep the fabric slightly damp until the treatment is complete. Restore the malleability of the leather.

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